Hello, my name is

Yanqing Jiang

Enterprise Analytics & Insight Senior Manager

Headshot-block design

Latest AI project:

Ask anything about me and let ChatGPT answer it with my data


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*Real projects. Click pictures to see details

All-in-One Supplier Review System

- Excel like experience in Power BI report (advance PowerApps visual)

- Supplier Score Card and Periodic Business Review 2-in-1 solution

- Conduct business review and send instant feedback at the same screen

Capex Project Tracker

- Shopping cart like solution for Capex project tracking

- Main project with multiple line projects

- Impacted million-dollar business decision-making

Time Series Demand Forecasting

- R: Time series: train and test dataset, error comparing

- Run through 7 time series regression models

- Automated R script into a Power BI report for performance tracking

All-in-One Engagement Intake

- Hundreds of daily users. Effected multi-million dollar decisions

- Highly complexed project management tool covers two major global categories

- Thousands of build-in business rules

Global Inventory Management Dashboard

- First time in the organizational history, a global spare-part inventory dashboard with 20+ sub reports

- Guiding Inventory Managers with Min Max Safety Stock, Re-order point suggestions...etc

- Created million-dollar impact on inventory values and savings

IBM Data Science Certificate

- Focus heavily on Machine Learning with Python

- In final capstone project I have 5 Machine Learning algorithm build-in and tweak for SpaceX launching dataset

- Click to visit GitHub repo page

About me

I am an enthusiastic data analytic professional developing data solutions for P&G's Walgreen Sales team

I’m not a data cruncher, I’m a problem solver, a strategist. With entrepreneurial spirit from previous experience, I have mastered the skills of navigate around the most ambiguous problems and guide my stakeholders to the right direction. Not matter if it is a simple Excel sheet, or an advance machine learning model, I use these data analytic tools to create impact and make purpose of real world problems. I’m not afraid of the unknown. I know how to quickly learn and deploy the most-needed skills into use in order to find effective solutions. 

What I do

Automated Analytic reporting

Revealing business insight by building Interactive Power BI report, Power BI DAX, advance visualizations

Data automation

From a simple Excel sheet, Python scripting to MS SQL Server import procedures, I save time by "automate the boring stuff".

Business solution Design

Develop web apps with effective data structure and easy-to-use interface for the purpose of data collection. Exp: project trackers, project management, engagement intake...etc

SQL Database

MS SQL server admin: writing Import procedures, views, advance queries from hundreds of relational databases

data science

Building machine learning forecasting visuals, A/B Testing, data normalization using R and Python

Power BI
Power Apps
Power Automate (RPA)
Azure Databricks

Proctor & Gamble

Enterprise Analytics & Insight senior manager

Develop Analytics solutions for P&G's Walgreen Sales team


Archer Daniels Midland

Data & Analytics Engineer

Developed data analytics solutions for ADM's industry-leading Global Procurement department


U.S. Army

Supply specialist

Active Duty Battalion S4 Supply Specialist


Alpha J Store Inc.


Exclusive North America online retailor for a top 10 luggage manufacture in China