Python-Supplier Name Normalization

*Real project. Result shown above Over 70,000 Supplier names normalized using Python.  Included a block of code written by students of Rutgers university for comparison final version is using hard-coded logics and Python CleanCo Package attempted to address matching for further normalization, but results found out not accurate attempted machine learning clustering for further normalization …

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Advance SQL Showcase

 Import Procedure that contains 1000+ line of codes import from Oracle SQL server and move to MS SQL server using a special connector, hence the red lettering Convert source data to destination data format (data wrangling) Delete last 2 month of transactions and replenish with latest 2 month data Check for duplicates and delete duplicates …

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All-in-one Engagement Intake

All-in-one Engagement Intake Project Management tool Very complexed business tool, thousands of business rules have been implemented Daily used by two procurement departments as project management/tracking tool 100-200+ daily users. Effected multi-million dollar decisions making. Fully automated approval process, no more hand typed emails for approval. Use Power BI Dataflow to deliver data to outside …

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Capex Project Tracker

*Real Project, hence sensitive data is blurred Project Tracker Web Application  1-Stop Project Management system Project header and multiple Project line at the same screen; Easy-to-use shopping cart like experience Full data pipeline end with a Power BI report

All-in-one Supplier Review System

Software used Previous Next *  Real project, hence sensitive data is blurred What’s included Excel-like interactive Power BI Visual implementation Live update on data input Conduct supplier review, write down feedback, and email supplier score at the same screen Periodic Business Review Function Email Score Card PDF Function with Print Preview

R: Time Series Forecasting

*  Real Project, hence sensitive data is removed Power BI report: Advance R Visualization  Visuals shown above are customized Power BI R visuals. All R scripts are running/computing on Power BI service (cloud). Everything automated, no manual process to deliver the result Time Series Forecasting Run through 7 Time Series regression models: Naive, Simple Exponential …

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Global Inventory Dashboard

*Real project, hence sensitive data is blurred Global Inventory Dashboard Power BI report Features: <– One main dashboard with 20+ sub reports  Click to navigate to associated report ‘Actions Comment’ block when KPI is red   Definition on KPI  Back-end Data Processing PBIX dataset –> Connected to Power BI DataFlow (Cloud) –> Single DataFlow that …

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