R: Time Series Forecasting

*  Real Project, hence sensitive data is removed

Power BI report: Advance R Visualization 

  • Visuals shown above are customized Power BI R visuals.
  • All R scripts are running/computing on Power BI service (cloud).
  • Everything automated, no manual process to deliver the result

Time Series Forecasting

  • Run through 7 Time Series regression models: Naive, Simple Exponential Smoothing, Holt’s, Auto ARIMA, TBTS, Facebook Prophet, Neural Networks
  • Error comparing with all 7 models, select the lowest/best forecasting model
  • Auto select Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly time series sum of consumption data
  • 90 days worth of data as testing set, rest of the data as training set, select the best forecasting model, then forecast next 90 days

R Script rundown

Another Report using this model

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